Karon Modern Built-in Wardrobe

SKU: Karon-01

The price is for the wardrobe with a size of 1000*2400*600mm (W*H*D)

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The Karon series showcases an effortless blend of Japanese elegance and Italian sophistication. The door panels are the focal point of this design, with a rich wood grain color as the main hue, complemented by pristine white high-gloss accents and sleek aluminum frames. Each door is a flat panel, with a matte black handle discreetly embedded for a touch of understated drama. The interplay of textures and colors creates a sense of harmonious simplicity, elevating the overall aesthetic of the space. The warm wood grain invites a sense of warmth and comfort, while the glossy white adds a crisp and contemporary edge. The aluminum frames are a nod to modernity, adding a metallic gleam to the overall look. The matte black handle, with its subtle visual impact, serves as a testament to the attention to detail in the Karon series, making it a sophisticated choice for any style-conscious homeowner.

Door Specifications:

Finish: Melamine/ Vinyl Wrap/ High Gloss

Material: MFC/MDF

Thickness: 18mm


  • Black Embedded Handle: Matt black embedded aluminum alloy mother and child handle, minimalist shape, unique design
  • Partition Wall Wardrobe Design: The partition wall design offers flexible storage options, making it easier to organize your clothes and accessories.
  • Aluminum Frame Glass Door: The aluminum frame glass door wall cabinet is not only stylish but also strong and durable, making it a practical solution for your storage needs.
  • Open Corner Clothes Hanging Area: The open corner clothes hanging area provides a convenient and practical space for hanging your clothes, freeing up room in your closet and making it easier to access your outfits.

More Details & Door Style

Maintenance Instructions

Quartz & Sintered Stone Worktop

  1. Do not place hot or hot pots and pans directly or for long periods of time on the worktop; hot pots and pans, hot pans or other overly hot utensils taken directly from the hob, oven or microwave can bring damage to the worktop.
  2. Avoid scratching the worktop with sharp objects, regardless of the type of worktop you choose, you should cut the food on the chopping board to avoid leaving knife marks or damaging the blade, but also to achieve better cleanliness and hygiene.
  3. If the surface is dirty, simply use soapy water or a detergent containing ammonia (e.g. detergent) to clean it; for limescale, use a damp rag to remove the limescale and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.
  4. Keep the countertop as dry and clean as possible, do not soak the countertop for a long time or accumulate water, keep the countertop neat and dry.

Prevent corrosive chemicals from touching the worktop, avoid putting the relevant corrosive chemicals in contact with the worktop as far as possible in daily life. If inadvertently contacted, immediately rinse the surface with plenty of soapy water.


Melamine Finish:
1. To protect finish, do not apply abrasives or household cleaners, dust with soft dry cloth.
2. If deep cleaning is required, add a little liquid detergent to the wash, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
3. Warning: Never use products containing thinners or acetone as they can cause warping.

Vinyl Wrap Finish:
1. Use liquid soapy water with 10% or detergent water diluted to less than 5%, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.
2. Never use cleaning products containing thinners, solvents, abrasive powders or powders.

Painted Finish:
1. Keep out of direct sunlight as much as possible to avoid colour loss.
2. If you find a stain or a soiled area best to use washing up liquid or soap, make sure it is gentle on skin, and contains no harm chemicals.
3. Using a damp cloth clean the painted surface, once clean rinse with lukewarm water and dry properly.

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